Privacy Policy

Effective date: 1st of November 2023

1. Data Collection

We adhere to data minimization principles and only collect the necessary personal data for the use of the Website:

  • Email Address
  • Website URLs

We do not collect sensitive data. Rankix, as a Wix marketplace app, retrieves this minimal data from Wix when users install the app on their Wix dashboard.

2. Data Types

Rankix collects:

  • Email Address
  • Non-personal data, including information related to tracked keywords, browser types, operating systems, URL addresses of websites clicked to and from the Website, page views, and the average time spent on the Website.

All non-personal data collected is de-personalized and cannot be used to identify individuals. Rankix does not collect, retain, or share end-user information, except within Wix, where the tool operates as an app in the Wix app market.

3. Data Usage

We use your personal data to:

  • Process your orders
  • Provide requested services
  • Respond to your requests and questions
  • Analyze and improve our business activities
  • Optimize and improve the Website

We collect non-personal data to analyze tracked keywords, user demographics, and website usage.

4. Data Protection

We employ organizational and technical information security measures to protect your personal data. Due to the inherent risks of using the Internet, we cannot be liable for unlawful destruction, loss, or misuse of data beyond our control. In case of a data breach, we will inform relevant authorities and take necessary measures to mitigate it.

5. User Control

Users can uninstall the Rankix app from their Wix dashboard, and their data will be deleted.

6. Cookies

We use cookies for various purposes, including session cookies for navigation and persistent cookies for recognizing returning users. Third-party cookies, such as Google Analytics, may also be used for analytics.

7. Data Sharing

We may disclose personal data to third parties for purposes including website operation, order processing, business interests, contractual obligations, law enforcement, or with user consent. We use Wix and Google Analytics.

8. Age Restriction

The Website is not accessible to persons under 13 years of age. If someone under 13 provides personal data without parental consent, parents or guardians can request its deletion.

9. Changes to Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy, and the new version will be effective upon posting.

10. Contact Information

If you have questions, please use the online contact form at, email to: , or write to:

F.T.B Online Ltd (dba Rankix)
Golan 1,
Airport City 7019900,